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Eat it Vegan C-U

The Courier Cafe can go vegan, too

Hidden in downtown Urbana, but never without a crowd, The Courier Cafe is a nice place to get a vegan meal, if one is willing to ask for the proper accommodations.

The Bread Company delivers on its hummus

The quest for great vegan food in C-U continues, with a stop at Urbana stalwart, The Bread Company. Needless to say, the hummus is done, and done right.

Fiesta Cafe a real treat for vegans

Long known to be one of the finest Mexican joints in town, vegans often find themselves pleasantly surprised with the array of options on Fiesta Cafe’s 22-year old menu.

Confounding name, delicious food

In the quest to eat vegan and do it dining out, Kimberly has decided to track it menu by menu. Up first: Home of Gourmet Chinese and Thai Restaurant. Confusing name, but worth the visit.