Smile Politely

From the Flyover Zone

Beyond Water Tower Place

Brenda offers up some alternative Chicago spots for your next day trip up to the Windy City.

Good deals on Florida swampland!

Community banks that keep assets local have done well in this economy.  Brenda’s vacation to Florida revealed why one local bank is struggling.

Champaign school board election: Who are these people?

It’s hard to tell one Champaign school board candidate from another this year. But three of the seven will be voted into office tomorrow, where they will receive a lot of grief for their efforts.

Outdoors adventure season

Looking forward to spending time outdoors this summer?  From the Flyover Zone gives you some ideas for activities within easy reach of C-U.

It’s ISAT time again

There is regular evil, and then there is the special, No Child Left Behind kind. Brenda sounds off on ISAT testing.

Mega play place

A Champaign megachurch is drawing in families with an indoor playspace, prompting Brenda to question the line between faith and marketing.

Obama’s Smoke and Mirrors Closet

Obama’s appointment of Chicago machine politician Arnie Duncan is a sign that all is not gold in the new administration.

Hope for the Dead Days

“So little of what could happen does happen.” –Salvador Dali In the next room, my kids are listening to a book on CD about the “dead days of winter” – those days between Christmas and …