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Reconnecting with the past Part Three

In the third part of a four part series, Mica reveals what it was like to actually spend time with her birth mother after a quarter century of simply wondering what that might be like.

Reconnecting with the past Part Two

Mica continues to tell us the tale of her initial meeting with her birth mother, and it’s not without cliff hangers. Thanks Mica!

Stranger in a strange land

Mica took a detour to Tokyo this summer. What she discovered was full of smaller surprises.

A painful truth

After a long search, Mica’s birth mother decided not to pursue a reunion. Here’s how it feels, and why it’s important to know where you’re from.

The courage to learn about the past

It’s been 23 years since Mica arrived in America and into the arms of her adoptive family. And now, she’d like to learn about from where she comes.

Pumpkins prove versatile, and only sometimes delicious

Now that we are in the prime of autumn, it’s time to start getting creative with pumpkins. Mica dishes on the best and the worst of her culinary adventures with the great, orange globe.

Running through vanity

Mica is currently training to keep pace at the Chicago Marathon next month. So what is it that motivates her, really? You’d be surprised…

Would you like a side of guilt with that?

With organic and local farming being touted as the best alternative to places like Wal-Mart, Mica ingests the new food documentary, Food Inc. and leaves with a sour taste in her mouth.