Smile Politely

Research Park

IntelliWheels: Beyond the wheel

Plunging to the depths of IntelliWheel’s products and design, Nate asks the IntelliWheel Team to explain the secret behind their simple, cost effective Fit Grip. Scott Daigle, Marissa Siebel-Siero, and Josh George gave some fascinating answers.

One step younger: The Academy High info session

Academy High's info session had one simple goal: gauge community interest. Expecting less than a hundred at each info session it was a major breakthrough that over 400 people attended throughout the day. For Academy High, this is good news, but while there is interest, but will they be able to perform up to expectations?

Of Mousr and Men

I caught up with a couple members of the Petronics team to talk Mousr, the robotic mouse, and a little about the status and future of the company.