Smile Politely


Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Amy admits to TV oversaturation this week, what with Jon and Kate craziness and the string of celebrity deaths.

Spending June in the Weeds

As Amy impatiently awaits summer’s arrival, she has found a distraction in Mary-Louise Parker’s charming, marijuana-themed sitcom Weeds, which might just aid a few of you still nursing Arrested Development addictions.

Don’t go there

While revisiting the South of her youth, Amy considers the value of rendering an accurate place in TV shows.

The many ways to watch movies on TV

This week Amy concludes that watching Goodfellas without swear words and sex is not as fun as watching Goodfellas with swear words and sex.

I can’t quit you, baby

What happens when a TV columnist admits that TV is ruining her life? Of course, she turns on the TV for comfort.

I’m a planet Earth voyeur

Ms. TeeVee reveals her love for all things Sir David Attenborough, who was “croc hunting” when Steve Irwin was still in diapers.

The joy of infomercials

Say what? You read it right. Infomercials. Joy. Click “Read This Article …” in the next 15 minutes and —