Bill Self brought glory back to Lawrence, KS last night as the Jayhawks performed a miracle comeback against the Memphis Tigers, eventually sealing the victory in overtime with strong play from Mario Chalmers, the Final Four’s MOP. It was Kansas’ first title since 1988 when Danny Manning (and the Miracles) defeated Oklahoma 84–79.

How does this relate to us in the cornfields of Illini Nation?

It doesn’t technically, but something tells me that the pressure weighing down on Bruce Weber’s head just got a little heavier. It is a known fact that the Illini’s 2005 season that ended in a loss to North Carolina in the title game was a team that was recruited by Bill Self, and merely coached by Bruce Weber.

The question, as the Lawrence city council plans a ticker tape parade, remains: does Bruce Weber have what it takes to create his own winner in Champaign? Or will the albatross of Bill Self’s success hang around the neck of the squeaky voiced Big Ten stalwart?

Stay tuned to Smile Politely Sports for answers as the new season begins…