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This past Sunday, the first annual Chambana Cranksgiving took place at the Independent Media Center, with 41 participants collecting 613 pounds of food for Eastern Illinois Foodbank. Pictured above are organizers Pieta and Luke Thompson behind the food pile (photo by Sean Laude).

After the jump, a photo and video diary of the event, courtesy of Stephen Paca and Luke Thompson.

We did a LeMans-style start, where everyone had to pile up their bikes and run to them from across the parking lot (photos by Pieta Horvath Thompson):




After the ride, there were games like foot-down, which was won by Stephen Paca (photos by Luke):


Stephen Paca.JPG

Outside, there were sprint duals and and a skid competition. Here’s a cool photo of a skidder (photo by Stephen):


Here are videos of the first and second place winners in the skid competition (courtesy of Stephen):

We handed out awards for the competitions and the food drive. The food drive winners were Stephanie (1st place, right) and Desiree (2nd place, left), pictured here (photo by Luke):


And then we finished up with a concert by World’s First Flying Machine (photo by Stephen):