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Dr. Howard demolition is happening today

One of the oldest school buildings in Unit 4 is coming down today. Built in 1910, with several additions throughout the years, it's been a renovation priority for families in the district for years (with good reason). Through the referendum passed in 2016, a brand new building will be built on the same site. The new version of Dr. Howard is set to open in 2020.

Photos by Julie McClure


This maple bacon butter should be in your fridge

Have you tried Pekara's maple bacon butter yet? It's delicious. I'm usually more of a savory-savory compound butter person, but this sweet-savory combo is special. It's put together simply: butter, maple syrup, cooked bacon pieces. There's no extra bacon fat mixed in.

This is the thing that will take your brunch to the next level; it's sure to impress your friends. I bet it's also pretty darn tasty on some popcorn. The tub is huge ($5.75), so you should have enough to slather on the baguette you pick up when you buy the butter. 

811 W Springfield Ave
6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Photos by Jessica Hammie


Someone defaced this photo of Michelle Obama at the Wheelhouse

Per a post on Facebook by one of the owners of The Wheelhouse in St. Joseph, Abbie Rogiers — a photo of Michelle Obama and co-owner Ryan Rogiers and their son was tampered with. The photo, signed by the former First Lady, appears to have been taken, Michelle Obama's head torn off, and returned to where it was at the restaurant.You can see the post below, and Rogiers' statement along with the photo here in the SPlog.

I’m disappointed. This is a special picture posted in our restaurant. Someone ripped off Michelle Obama’s head.
We have this photo bc my 10 year old son and my husband won a RECIPE contest and were invited to a state dinner. It was a big deal.
Regardless of your politics, this was a special moment for my son. Tearing this photo was a weak way to take a stand.
Lastly, if you did this because you’re racist, please don’t come back to our restaurant. You can drink Bud Lite anywhere.
Be Nice Or Get Out.
$100 reward if anyone knows who did this.
I will not publicly shame them. I simply want to encourage them to take some community college classes. It’s time.


What are you eating for breakfast?

What do you eat for breakfast? We have plenty of options in C-U (find them here). I tend to go for the same thing, but it's important to change things up. Here are a few suggestions for your breakfast, in no particular order, with no regard for health or physical well-being (except for kombucha):

Pandamonium Doughnuts

Hopscotch Bakery + Market


The Bread Company on Goodwin


Common Ground Food Co-op

Harvest Market


Photos by Jessica Hammie


Mr. Eggwards got turned up during PRIDE last weekend

After Smile Politely named Mr. Eggwards both the WORST and the BEST new sculpture in C-U in 2017, it created a small stir amongst those in the arts scene. I wrote the piece for its commendation, and I still think it is an odd and playful bit of work in an otherwise boring landscape of public art in Downtown Champaign. 

This past weekend during the PRIDE festivities, someone decided to get ol' Mr. Eggwards in on the action. And despite the fact that the message doesn't really align with anyone's personal beliefs on acceptable behavior, anthropomorphic characters showing a little razzle dazzle and eccentric costuming goes a long way in my book. In the end, Mr. Eggwards is Humpty Dumpty, so it works. 

Stay crazy, you silly man, you. Nice eyebrows, too. 

Photo credit: Internet


Community was on display at CU Pride

CU Pridefest is a gem of an event, and not just because of the plentiful tiaras and sparkles. Sure it's pretty awesome to see Downtown Champaign bathed in rainbow, but what's even more awesome is the air of positivity, inclusion, and acceptance on display, and seeing so many local entities represented.

Mayors Deb Feinen and Diane Marlin were the Grand Marshals, with the City of Urbana and Champaign City Council following, there were numerous middle school and high school Gay-Straight Alliance and other such groups set up in the vendor fair, there were local churches offering message of love and acceptance and hugs from moms and dads for anyone who needed them, and dozens of local businesses participated and put their welcome on display. 

It's marvelous that for this one weekend a year, C-U shows up in droves to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. However, while this weekend creates an inclusive atmosphere, that it doesn't replace the need for more queer spaces in C-U that go beyond Pridefest — something you can read more about in this article from Pride week last year — and something that the UP Center works towards throughout the rest of year. Find out how you can support their work here.

Photos by Kwamé Thomas


C-U ex-pat Langston Allston’s artwork featured on Kweku Collins merch

Former Champaign-Urbana resident Langston Allston has landed on some merch by Chicago rapper Kweku Collins. Allston is a fairly recognizable artist, his work is amazing — check out his website linked above. You've likely seen his artwork around the community: Sipyard, Cafeteria & Company, Shatterglass Studios, and more around town. The shirt design was made by Allston ahead of Collins' performance at Pitchfork Music Festival in July.

Oh, and Kweku Collins is performing in Urbana in a few weeks at PYGMALION: Friday September 28th at the IMC with JPEGMAFIA and NP0.


Here are photos from the Burnham Mansion demo site

The discussion surrounding the historic Burnham Mansion and the properties that surround it is a highly polarizing one in our community. We wrote about it months back. But now, it appears that demolition of the mansion and the structures surrounding it are being torn town. 

Here's a report from the Gazoo about the mansion being slated for demo.

I went by the site today to see what was going on after PACA posted on their Instagram about it, and I snapped some photos of the progress.


Obama hung out at Caffe Paradiso after his campus talk, and that rules

We're all still on Cloud 9 in C-U after former President Barack Obama made a visit to Foellinger last Friday. You can read all about that here.

Afterwards, he made a stop over at Caffe Paradiso just down the street, which is pretty much the best. Paradiso posted about it, and you can see the photos below — all of them are from their Facebook page. 

JB Pritzker was also there, and there are a lot of photos of Obama taking photos with Carol and Aaron Ammons, and even with students at the cafe. Just an average dude stopping in at the local coffee shop down the street — amazing.


Check out these specials at Pekara on Springfield

Pekara on Springfield has some new weekday specials. Today, Thursday, is the sirloin sandwich (sliced sirloin, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions on toasted brioche). It looks great. 

Tomorrow, Friday, is the Champaign Philly (sliced sirloin, provolone, sautéed onions and peppers, Herlocher's mustard mayo on a toasted ciabatta hoagie).

Don't forget your side of loaded fries

811 W Springfield Ave
6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Top photo by Jessica Hammie; sandwich photos from Facebook