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Elsinore drops new single “O”

Elsinore is back with a new single and visual, titled simply, “O”. The Police and David Bowie-influenced pop sounds of Elsinore supply some nice late fall-time, first-snow musical accompaniment. The track comes as a taste of their currently untitled new project, which is set to drop early next year.

Feel free to check out their video for recent single "In & Out" afterward if you’re vibing with it.


There is a new YouTube show called Champaign ILL and things are already dramatic

There's a new YouTube Original series, Champaign ILL, that is coming out December 12th on YouTube Premium. The show stars Adam Pally, who came to fame in Happy Endings as Max Blum, Sam Richardson from the show from Veep and Detroiters, and guest stars Jay Pharoah, and it will be a 10 episode series, as least to start. Watch the trailer below, and the description of the show below that.

After the death of their best friend, a wildly famous rap icon, Alf and Ronnie lose their lavish lifestyle and are forced to return home to Champaign, Illinois. In order to get back what they’ve lost, they must figure out how to leave their destructive behavior behind and get back on top! Check out the new YouTube Originals series Champaign ILL coming December 12th.
And of course, because the show is called Champaign ILL (which you need to understand, isn't pronounced ILLINOIS, but rather ILL, like sick, or in hip hop lingo, really very good) the local community already has an opinion, and it's not all positive. 
Local rapper Chase Baby tweeted at Adam Pally, criticizing him for not filming here, or even giving any sort of nod to anything that would refer to where the show takes place. It's not the worst argument in the world, of course, but, that baited Pally enough to start a classic Twitter feud.
Personally, I think the trailer was funny, and that the show has potential. I would like to actually watch it before I make any strong judgments. And Pally is right: filming here is not really an option for a production team like this, from a financial standpoint as he mentions, but also based on infrastructure. But that will change over time, with companies like Shatterglass Films staying on top of the game, and hopefully, a new government leadership that is focused on attracting new types of business. Right now, the state of Georgia, and the city of Atlanta has become the outdoor Hollywood soundstage of the East, and to get a Midwestern vibe, that can be done anywhere. Plus, it's warm, most of the year. That counts for a lot. 
Anyhow, it remains to be seen if the show took the time to give the show the flavor it would need, since this simply isn't "Anywhereville, U.S.A". At the least, there should be Orange and Blue, and perhaps a nod to Roger Ebert, and the Web Browser, or a shot of Alma Mater. 

Watch IsaiahG perform on Good Morning Illini

Good Morning Illini, a weekly morning show put on by students that airs on Fridays, has begun a weekly series showcasing area artists.

The show selected U of I rapper IsaiahG for the segment last Friday, and the introspective MC didn’t hold back, putting out a strong rendition of one of his coldest cuts, “Solstice”.

It’s pretty awesome that the folks at GMI are taking the time to recognize some of the wide variety of artistic talent at Illinois — especially when it’s consistent, hard-working talent like IsaiahG getting a chance to shine.

Check out Isaiah’s segment of Open Mic and the full show below.


Consider adopting a furry friend this weekend

The Champaign County Humane Society is running a promotion this weekend, and you can adopt a furry creature family member for a little less than usual. Visit CCHS Saturday and Sunday, November 3rd and 4th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Look at these littles!

Before you do move forward adopting a pet, please be honest with yourself about your lifestyle, and how much time and attention you can give to your potential new family member. Cats (and some dogs) live a very, very long time. 
Adoption prices this weekend:
Champaign County Humane Society
1911 E Main St
(217) 344-7297
Photos from Facebook

Louie Kason drops debut video for single “Grey Nintendo’s”

Louie Kason is an artist that attends the University of Illinois, and he just dropped his debut music video for his single “Grey Nintendo’s”.

Kason has been making some waves around campus and in Chicago (he frequently travels between the two) while mastering a more house-oriented sound, rather than just rapping. He just opened up for drill rapper Cdot Honcho at Canopy Club, and has been recording new sounds weekly in Champaign.

Check out the video below, you can stream "Grey Nintendo's" on Soundcloud here.


Nafissa Thompson-Spires will be on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight

Nafissa Thompson-Spires, Professor of Creative Writing at the U of I, will be a featured guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight, Tuesday, October 23rd. The show airs at 11:35 pm CST. Her book, Heads of the Colored Peoplehas been long-listed for the National Book Award in Fiction. Pretty amazing for her to land on this show — though, we are in the Nafissa Thompson-Spires era, after all, so this isn't a surprise.

Check out the U of I News Bureau's tweet:


Watch Canopy Club celebrate 20 years on stage with Umphrey’s McGee

The Canopy Club, a mainstay of live music in Champaign-Urbana, is celebrating their 20th year in 2018 — and last week they had Umphrey's McGee through the Club, a band also celebrating the same milestone. Canopy Club founder and owner, Ian Goldberg, and his crew hopped up on stage to drink some bubbly to celebrate. Check out the video where Goldberg talks about their relationship with Umphrey's McGee, Summer Camp Festival, and more.


Kristina Olson and Rebecca Sandefur each nab a MacArthur “Genius” Grant

Two professors with local ties have been awarded one of the highest honors one can earn, this past week. Former Urbana High School grad, Kristina Olson, has been awarded a MacArthur "Genius" Grant as part of its 2018 class for research on the social and cognitive development of transgender and gender-nonconforming youth

Currently, she's at University of Washington, where she operating the TransYouth Project

Here at home, Rebecca Sandafur, an associate professor of sociology and law, was awarded for her work in finding ways to increase access to the justice system inside of impoverished communities

They join a handful of local folks who have been given this distinction, largely considered to be one of the pinnacles of academic and sociological engagement with the world.

Read more about their awards at the links above, and check out videos below: 


Photos courtesy of Macarthur Foundation


Tatyana McFadden is the first ever wheelchair racer to be featured in a Nike commercial

We don't need to run through a long commentary about how quasi-local Tatyana McFadden is now arguably one of the greatest wheelchair racer in the history of the sport. It's pretty well defined

But these accomplishments are measured in different ways, and certainly, having Nike endorse you (and pay you money) to promote their sponsorship role in a major race like the Chicago Marathon is a fairly big indication that you've more than arrived. 

Here it is. She is a total badass: