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Check out these documentary shorts, produced by students in collaboration with Illinois Public Media

Illinois Public Media worked with students in the College of Media, specifically students in MACS 496: Advanced Media Practicum, to create short opinionated documentary films about C-U. Three films were produced:

Independent Cinema in Champaign
Produced by Glenda Villalon, Eder Rebollar, and Wally West

The Altgeld Ringers
Produced by Elijah Kent, John Greska, and Jeremy Chen

Racism is Everywhere Out Here
Produced by Carson Wang and Nick Arroyo

You can see each of the documentaries here. They are worth a watch. 

Top image: A screen shot from Independent Cinema in Champaign. It is a close up of the marquee at the Art Theater. The background of the marquee's sign is white, and red letters spell out Thanks for the Memories. There are lights lining the bottom of the sign. At the top of the photo there is a portion of a red sign that spells A R T in white letters. the A and part of the R and T are visible. Image from College of Media Facebook page. 


An Illinois Theatre professor got a shout out from Tom Hanks

Sunday night at the Golden Globes, Tom Hanks received the Cecil B. deMille award, and in his speech was a little nugget that has C-U ties. He spoke about his first professional gig as an intern at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. After showing up late because of too much revelry, he and his fellow interns were yelled at by the director, Daniel Sullivan:

"He screamed at us," said Hanks. "You know what your job is?" the director asked. "You have got to show up on time, and you have to know the text, and you have to have a head full of ideas. Otherwise I can't do my job."

Sullivan is a Tony Award winning (actually many award winning) director, and he is also a Swanlund Chair and Professor of Theatre at the University of Illinois. He worked with Hanks again in 2018, directing him in a production of Henry IV.

It's not the first time C-U and Tom Hanks have existed in the same universe. You can read more about that here and here

Here is the full speech:

Top image: A black and white photo of Daniel Sullivan, he has a beard and is slightly reclined and gesturing with one hand. Photo by Bill Wiegand from Illinois New Bureau.

Santa is at Champaign-Urbana Public Health District this week

Today through Friday you can find Santa at CUPHD from 1 to 4 p.m. There will be free books about winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more, McDonald’s ice cream cone gift certificates, free certificates for haircuts at Sports Clips (for new customers), and of course candy canes. Just bring the kiddos and your phone or camera for photos!

Tuesday, December 17th, there will be a Spanish-speaking Santa, which is awesome.  

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District
201 W Kenyon Road

Photo from CUPHD Facebook page


You can now watch Louise Fishman’s Spring 2019 KAM lecture

I had the pleasure of attending Louise Fishman's Spring 2019 School of Art + Design at Illinois' Distinguished Alumni Lecture. It was fascinating, funny, and unforgettable. If you missed it, you're in luck. Now you can watch it from the comfort of your chosen device here (or below). Take the time to get to know the woman behind the Blonde Ambition painting we've long enjoyed at Krannert Art Museum. You won't regret it.

Screenshot and video from Krannert Art Museum YouTube channel

The dog hero proposed to his girlfriend on Ellen

Bryant Fritz, local and now national hero, appeared on Ellen with his girlfriend Krystal Moya to share the story of the dog's rescue. They are going to be taking the dog, which they've named Dory (watching Ellen's face as they say that is great), home at the end of the week. 

After Ellen presents them with a whole bunch of items from her line of pet products, Fritz takes the moment to pop the question. Then, because it's Ellen, she sent them off with a $25,000 check. 

This video is well worth seven minutes of your time. It will seep into and soften even the coldest, darkest heart. 

Screenshot of video from EllenTube

FLOOD debuts new Psychic Twin video for "Water Meets Land"

Urbana's Erin Fein is behind the synthpop project Psychic Twin, which has taken on various forms throughout the years, and played in C-U as recently as 2017 on the heels of her 2016 record Strange Diary. Her new video for her new single "Water Meets Land" was debuted via FLOOD Magazine, which is worthy of some praise, indeed.

Although Psychic Twin is now based in Los Angeles, her history in C-U runs deep, as Fein was previously in Headlights and Absthine Blind.

You can watch the video below:

Photo by Julia Brokaw


Daniel Romanchuk won another marathon

The Parkland student who trains at the University of Illinois just accomplished a new feat by winning the New York City Marathon wheelchair division two years in a row, making him the first American to do so. 

Here's the video of his finish from the NYC Marathon Twitter page:

Photo from Daniel Romanchuk's Facebook page


Here's Nick Offerman giving Japan House a shout out on Hot Ones

It's no secret around here that U of I grad and Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman has a special relationship with Japan House. He talks about it here before a Japan House benefit in 2017, and he was back last year for another one. 

He's the guest on the latest episode of the YouTube series Hot Ones, where host Sean Evans (another U of I grad) interviews celebrities while they eat hot wings that get hotter with each round. I love that this is a thing. 

Anyway, here's a clip of Offerman giving a special shout out to Japan House as Evans asks him about his favorite U of I iconic place. You can watch the full episode here

Photo from Hot Ones Facebook page