If there was one local band that really captured my adolescent attention when I was growing up, it was Castor. They had all the makings of everything that I believed the Champaign-Urbana music scene to be. I have this not-so-distinct memory of reading an interview (I think) with Jeff Garber (I think) in Daily Illini's Thursday issue DIversions (I think) about how they had all moved up from Southern Illinois at the invitation of HUM (I think) and how they signed to Parasol / Mud on the strength of a four-track recording (I think) and then the author declared that they were going to be the biggest band to ever come out of Champaign (I think). 

They were one of my favorites, that's for sure. 

Two bits of news: 

1. They are performing on February 24, in St. Louis, MO opening for HUM at Delmar Hall. Fuckin' sweet! (I know they aren't listed, you'll just have to trust me)

2. Their two albums are now streaming on Bandcamp. Super fuckin' sweet! 

That's all.