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Anna Peters and Her Camera

Anna Peters is usually the one behind the camera. The photo on the right is a part of her collection and it is how she is seen by others when taking photographs. But starting tomorrow, you will get to see a part of Peters that isn’t always on display: her art. Art Coop will be hosting a show displaying her paintings, photographs, sculpture and installation, including other artists Maria Verdos-Petrou and Ryan Michael Fraser.

And now Smile Politely brings you a little more of Peters:

Consumed by: Constantly trying to stay on top of project deadlines while also being able to make time for my own work and sleep.

Age: 20

Hometown: Champaign.

Do you think you’ll move away from Champaign? If so, why?: Yes. I have a very hard time staying in one geographical location for more than six months. Sometimes I need to be in situations where I have no idea what’s going on because of a language barrier.

Occupation: I’m double majoring in New Media and Graphic Design at the University and work at the Art Coop.

Excited for…: “This American Life” is doing a live broadcast to movie theaters across the country on May 1. Radio to television to movie theater? I’m impressed, Ira.

Two things you can’t live without: Coffee and interaction with people.

What media do you like best?: It’s a tie between film photography and anything where I can use my hands to make messes. I try to get out of the computer as often as possible.

Which course helped you grow as an artist?: My first semester foundations drawing professor had a lot to do with the way I now expect a critique to be successfully run.

Greatest accomplishment: I don’t think I have one of those yet.

Who/what has influenced your style?: Lately it’s been the video works of Sam Taylor-Wood, specifically her interpretation of the “Pietá”. Everything is so simple and stripped down to just the essentials, yet continues to remain absolutely gorgeous. I also am quite fond of Jonathan Safran Foer’s explaination of having ‘heavy boots’ & David Sedaris’ style of documenting very small but very important events in such a heartbreaking way.

What is Champaign-Urbana’s art scene missing?: Teamwork. I always feel like everyone is trying to out do one another. It makes me very tired.

Favorite camera: My mum gave me her old Pentax K1000 when I was in high school and it comes with me everywhere I end up traveling.

Will you be attending any of the events for the Boneyard Arts Festival?: I’m hoping to get over to see some of the late night space video and sound work.

If you could display your artwork in one place in C-U, where would it be?: There are too many places to choose from for me to pick just one.

Sweetest person, place or thing of Champaign-Urbana?: My friend Jen sends me the greatest letters on a weekly basis: line drawings & poems delivered right to my postbox.

Most bitter person, place or thing of Champaign-Urbana?: Oh, this is depressing.

Anna Peters’ artwork will be up at the Art Coop tomorrow, with an opening reception from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., until May 2. And if you can’t make it out to the show, you can also find her work on Flickr.

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