Smile Politely

Artists fill Krannert’s Kinkead Pavilion with whimsical sculptures and mesmeric audio

What do you do with a big open space? Well naturally, you fill it with big things. The two sculptures that make up artist Nancy Davidson’s exhibit Hive flank the entrance to Krannert Art Museum‘s Kinkead Pavilion and fill it from floor to ceiling. Davidson’s pieces are based loosely on the classic theme of goddesses in a portico, or porch, mixed with statements about femininity and imposition in the modern age.

Artist Lakshmi Ramgopal’s audio installation compliments the physical pieces by further examining the body and the what is considered “normal,” “feminine,” or “attractive.” I sat down with both artist to understand how they strike a balance between creating a narrative for the viewer while leaving their work open to interpretation at the same time.

Hive will be on display in the Kinkead Pavilion at the Krannert Art Museum for a full year. The opening reception will take place on January 30th at 5 p.m. followed by a talk with the artists at 6:15 p.m. Both events are free.

Prefer to watch this on YouTube? Check out the video here.

Top Image: Nancy Davidson grabs the yellow pig-tail portion of her red, inflatable sculpture while looking at it. She is in front of large windows with a gray sky and blurred out trees in the background. Photo and video by Steven Pratten.

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