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Jessica Phillippe and Her Wheels of Steel

Jessica Phillppe, aka J. Phlip, grew up in Champaign, and after deciding to become a DJ, developed a fast following as one the finest around. Her “Twice as Nice” series with DJ Mertz at the former Nargile turned plenty of heads each week, and she went on to spin at basically every joint in town that featured DJs. After she won a contest called Beauty and The Beats, she did a little touring with DJ Collette, a well-known house DJ from Chicago.

The writing was on the wall. She had outgrown our little ‘burg here, and she needed to make a break for it. But to where?

She landed, like so many other DJs before her, in San Francisco, joining the likes of former Champaign-Urbana beat matchers like D-Lo and Spinnerty, and more recently DJ Bozak.

Smile Politely got a chance to catch up with her after she arrived back in Champaign this week to catch up with family and friends. Continue reading for the interview.

Name: j.phlip (aka jessica phillippe, jackmaster phelps)

Age: 25, going on 21.

Location and current hometown: Currently located on Haight Street, San Francisco, California. But grew up right here in the special land of Champaign, Illinois.

Consumed by: Nuthin’ but MUSIC AND FUN of course!

Two things you can’t do without: I wouldn’t dare leave home without my chapstick and gum.

Your Top 5:
2. Elliott Smith (I know, depressing — maybe? I love it.)
3. Wine Country
4. Snuggles

Here’s a Madlib for you: 2009 will be a DIRTYBIRD year because AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!@#$%^.

What would you demand be in Champaign if you moved back home? WARMER WEATHER BRRRRRR!!!

What do you miss most about Champaign? Being one of the craziest fools around! In SF there are so many crazies it almost makes me feel like I’m normal. And, of course, my friends and family, many of my most favorite people on the planet live here. Someday I want to put you all in my pocket and take you to Cali.

You gotta visit San Franscisco for the: Sourdough? RICE-A-RONI? STREETCARS? Smell of marijuana? Hippies, bums and crackheads? ELECTRONIC MUSIC SCENE AND DANCE PARTIES! Microbreweries? Chambana transplants? Beautiful FOG! The EndUp … ME!?? Yes, visit me!

DJing is: What I do … the most fun ever … not the same thing that guy does at your Bar Mitzvah or a wedding.

Track/Album of the 2008: This is a really really hard one. Hmmmm, I know it was released at the end of 2007, but I guess I would have to say Radiohead — IN/RAINBOWS. I don’t like to pick favorites though because I like so many different types of music to suit my moods.

What do you think about indie rock turning into dance party mania? I don’t look good in hipster scarves. OK really, I love indie rock and I love dance music, but I havent really gotten into that whole thing. I do like some of the music and some of it is terrible. I’ve never gotten into that scene. Honestly, don,t know much about it. But, when it comes to dance party time I think it’s all about HYBRID BOOTY TECHNO and HYPHY TECH FUNK HOUSE!

Get Down in Champaign-Urbana: Boltini this THURSDAY!!! I can’t wait to play for my hometown again, especially with Mertz. It has been over a year now! Dang! If you can’t make it out then I recommend your high-school dance, in front of your bedroom mirror (get them moves down), with the UC hip-hop kids and B-Boys wherever they are doing their thing these days, an Urbana house party, any where you can find someone spinnin’ some quality beats or jammin’ some live tunes (support to keep the music alive here!) and of course any spot of ground you can find not covered in ice — with your iPod blaring your favorite song of the day!

Don’t fret, J. Phlip spins at Boltini on Thursday night, Jan. 29, 2009. We’ll be there and so should you.

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