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Kayleigh Doyle: making small art and big plans

I met with Kayleigh Doyle of Eclectics By Kayleigh to talk about her craft. When asked how long she had been at this, she replied, “I’ve been making jewelry since I had hands” and that she learned her skills from her mom, Sheri Doyle. “But everyone in my family is pretty artistic” she said. 

Aside from being a skilled jewelry crafter, Kayleigh is also a ballet dancer. You may recognize her from productions of CU Ballet or her current company, the Royal Academy of Dance (Park District). 

Kayleigh recently auditioned for and was accepted to Blue Lake Fine Arts International Ballet Dance Company’s International Exchange program. The program transplants young US dancers to overseas locations. The chosen dancers get to perform in exotic places like Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. Kayleigh auditioned along with 1,800 other dancers from around the country and was one of 350 chosen. 

Talking to Kayleigh, you get a sense that she is young at heart but mature in mind. She is a sophomore at The High School of St. Thomas More, makes good grades, has a great group of friends, a boyfriend, and a supportive family. She is polite and confident when she talks to you, yet she laughs and makes jokes, too. What I am trying to describe is a young woman with some fantastic goals and the maturity and drive to achieve them. 

Of all her designs, she says her favorites are the baby cranes (see below).

I really appreciate that she is using art to fund an altogether different artistic endeavor. I think that makes for a positive cycle in the world. I also appreciate that she is contributing to the artist community in Champaign-Urbana and that she wants to take that experience international. 

Go check out her store. I think the jewelry is creative and sweet, and if you want to support a local artist with big plans, order a set of dope earrings — preferrably the circle of life tree (my personal favorite). 

If you’d rather make a donation directly, you could always mail a check to Blue Lake International Exchange Program, 300 East Crystal Lake Road, Twin Lakes Michigan, 49457. If that’s your preference, make the check out to Blue Lake International Exchange Program with her name in the memo line (“Kayleigh Doyle — Ballet”). 

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