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Lysander Piano Trio, playing with passion

One of Krannert Center’s true programming delights is the Sunday Salon concert schedule. The series offers exposure to rising instrumental and chamber music performers, but that is only half of the pleasure of this program. For a full-priced admission, you get to sit on the stage of the Foellinger Great Hall and sip champagne with light snacks before the concert. Your contact with the performers is almost intimate; and, after the concert, personal greetings can be exchanged. This school year, Krannert Center offers one such concert this semester and three more during the second semester.

On November 9th, this season’s Sunday Salon concert series begins with one of the truly fine new chamber ensembles, The Lysander Piano Trio. Graduate study at New York’s Julliard School brought together two Israeli-born string players, cellist Michael Katz and violinist Itamar Zorman. Added to that mix was Belarus-born pianist Liza Stepanova, and one of the most-praised new chamber groups was formed.

In April of this year, they debuted at Carnegie Hall, and The New York Times hailed their performance as, “Excellent…playing with passion and building tension.” Of their artistry and technique, The Times commended the “finely hued collaboration among the three musicians.” Even before this major concert breakthrough, the Lysander Piano Trio had won four major chamber ensemble competitions including the 2012 Concert Artists Guild Victor Elmaleh Competition. In a little more than five years, these former graduate students had established themselves in the chamber music world as a major force.

In the music business, with fame comes recording; and, in September, the Lysander Trio released their first CD of that special niche that comprises the repertoire of the piano trio. It is a superb debut disc that includes traditional piano trio works by Haydn and Schubert, as well as modern works by Truina, Ravel, and Moshe Zorman. This is a group of young musicians who — while they have not yet tasted great fame — have nonetheless become known among those who are knowledgeable as a next generation “A-List” ensemble.

On November 9th, at 3 p.m., you can enjoy the splendid acoustics of the Foellinger Great Hall with an ensemble that is one of the true rising stars in the world of classical music. If you are a lover of classical music and you have not treated yourself to the intimate sounds and experience of the Sunday Salon concerts, you have been cheated.

For further information go to the Krannert Center website or call the Krannert box office for a reservaiton at 217-333-6280.

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