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My Saturday at the Crystal Lake Park Art Fair

Saturday promised to be another scorcher, so I wrangled a few friends and headed out early to the 2022 Crystal Lake Park Art Fair. Much had changed (for the better) since my last visit.  There were more parking options. Co-hosts 40 North and the Urbana Park District arranged for free golf cart rides to the entrance. Our driver couldn’t have been nice,r and the breeze was fantastic. The number of booths and the range of formats had grown. UrVana had crafts and lawn games to keep younger visitors engaged. There was a steady stream of subjects at caricaturist Dan Wild’s tent. It did my heart good to see so many art fans engaging with artists. And to see so many of them leave with bags of unique treasures. What follows is a visual diary of my Saturday at the fair.

Dan Wild beginning a caricature of a young visitor. 

Photo of Dan Wild beginning a caricature in his both.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks showcased her new typewriter design. 

Batik t-shirts with center black one featuring a typewriter design.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Ceramic artist Howie Schein’s booth integrated the outdoor vibe into his display.

Display of blue-toned ceramics with plants and native flowers.

Photo by Debra Domal.

This face drawing me back to the Cindy Sampson’s booth.

Close up of portrait of woman dressed in 17th century clothing against a blue sky with the sun, moon, and an owl.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Freya Replinger’s photos shone in the sunlight and were set off beautifully by the grass.

A display of photos on a table outside on the grass. In the foreground are two skyscapes.

Photo by Debra Domal.

New work in 3D by Gregory Stallmeyer and Carol Alison were masterpieces of color, texture, and shape. 

Close up of tent featuring multicolored sculptures.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Fabrikate’s display was filled with fun new fabric choices. 

Fair booth with a variety of handmade patterned bags.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Pipapo displayed a garden of handpainted flowers along with new earring designs. 

A display of handpainted wooden sunflowers and other flowers against a white cloth.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Fire Doll Studio’s delicious candles were a big hit with visitors.

Shelves of multicolored artisan candled some decorated like desserts with artist handing one to a customer.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Liza Wynette’s ceramics featured a range of lovely floral patterns. 

A display of red clay mugs, bowls and plates with delicate floral designs.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Red Ember Forge showcased several new designs among their reclaimed metal jewelry line. 

Shelves of handmade metal jewelry made from reclaimed parts in a variety of shapes and designs.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Gathered Illusions displayed an array of multicolored glass pumpkins 

A display of small handblown glass pumpkins in a variety of colors and color combinations.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Kim Caisse’s tent was filled with her fantastic handpainted creatures.

A collection of small fantasy creatures painted in black ink against blue cloud like backgrounds mounted on small patterned rectangles hung from the tent wall.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Kara Lovell’s ceramics featured rich hued glazes and bold design patterns.

A display of ceramics with rich hued glazes and bold geometric designs.

Photo by Debra Domal.

One of the true stars of the show was this adorable Samoyed, whose sweet fluffy face made everyone smile. 

A white Samoyed dog on a leash with his tongue out on the grass at Crystal Lake Park.

Photo by Debra Domal.

Kudos to 40 North and the Urbana Park District for continuing to grow this event and for taking such good care of its artists. Volunteers consistently checked in to make sure they were getting shade and staying hydrated during this dog day of August. To find out more about this year’s participating artists, click here

Crystal Lake Park Art Fair
August 6th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Crystal Lake Park
1505 N Broadway,

Top photo by Debra Domal.

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