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Outhaus presents: Don’t Touch Me I have Medicine

The Outhaus is DIY gallery based in Urbana. Here is a description of Don’t Touch Me I have Medicine  from the Outhaus Facebook event page:

Along with UIUC’s art education faculty, the Outhaus is proud to be co-hosting a cultural extravaganza spotlighting the inventive, fantastic, and mysterious artifacts of Lucia, Mateo, Lucas and Jorge Lucero.

There will be a musical performance by Sam Rocha and Walter Gershon, starting at 6:30, and delicious FREE Mediterranean food, courtesy of the Art Education Department!

This event is open to the public, but is planned in conjuntion with the International Congress of Qualiative Inquiry, taking place at the University from May 18-21.

I spoke with the artists who range in age from middle school to high school. Take a listen to the interview while you browse the photos. Hear what they had to say about the art.

[[mp3 outhaus_interview]]

Bert, co-owner and operator of Outhaus welcomes the crowd.

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