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Tyler Bergfield and his paintings

Tyler Bergfield is a feverish painter. Not only does he sell some of his work on Etsy along with his girlfriend, Millie, but he also shows his artwork around Champaign-Urbana.

I was first introduced to Tyler’s art on my former roommates’ wall. It was a cross-section of a slice of meat. Fleshy and raw, it was so realistic and detailed, you could almost pick it off the wall and smack it right down on the grill.

For being someone who cites one of his influences as his dreams, we couldn’t help but wonder … from what are Tyler’s dreams made?

Age: 27

Hometown: Bellflower, Ill.

Consumed by: Art

Inspired by: Ornithology and Botany

Who turned you on to art?: My grandmother Phyllis

As a child, you dreamt of…: Flying

As a teenager, you longed for…: a 1965 Buick Riviera Grand Sport 425

As an adult, you wish you could…: Fly

Which medium do you wish to dabble in more often?: Video

Being an artist is like…: telling people something you know they won’t understand, but you tell them anyway, just for kicks.

Regardless of cost, what one art supply would you purchase?: New York City

Two things you’d like to try to live without: Supermarkets and fossil fuels.

Three objects that would describe your style of painting: a human femur, a feather, a sickle.

Looking back on your earlier work, how would you say you’ve changed as an artist?: I’ve become more aware of oddity in nature.

Sometimes I see you in PACA, what are some of your great finds from there?: Library Card Catalog and cabinet doors to paint on.

Biggest challenge with living in Champaign: Selling art.

Greatest asset living in Champaign: Great friends and social accessibility



Tyler Bergfield’s art can currently be found at the indi-go art gallery at 9 E. University Ave. in downtown Champaign also known as the former space Furniture Lounge inhabited. And if you cannot make it there, more of Tyler’s paintings will be on display at the Chopin Theater 1543 W. Division Ave. in Chicago during the Série Mélodie event.

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