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SP Radio Podcast: Music 2010 Wrap-Up

2010 was a big year in local music, so to ring in the new year, Smile Politely Radio had an extra big show. We invited four of C-U’s biggest bands to talk about the year in local music and what we can look forward to in 2011. In addition to the bands listed below, we counted down the Top Ten Songs of 2010, discussed local bands that broke up, and explored the emerging house show scene. SP Music Editor Ben Valocchi brought his expertise to the proceedings and gave us some insider tips on all the new hotness. All in all, it was a pretty fun two and half hours.

Download the high quality podcast here. (134 MB)
Download the smaller, lower quality podcast here. The music will not sound as good. (67MB)

The guests in order of appearance:

Thanks again to everyone for coming in.

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