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$95M development in Downtown Champaign seeks to mimic The Quarters

As many citizens of Champaign-Urbana have recently found out — there’s a massive new development in the works to scale up Downtown Champaign with a $95M project. Very exciting news, indeed.

Although that was back in November, there is plenty of movement towards the end goal — making Champaign the best place it can possibly be. The development looks stellar — new apartments, offices, retail, a children’s science museum, and more — but that’s just on paper. 

After the mock ups of the structure came to the forefront, there were plenty of opinions, obviously those in favor, and those opposed. More on that shortly.

There’s no question that the economic development of Champaign is moving slightly north — with the announcement of this development, and that of Common Ground Food Co-op’s new Champaign location — there’s no denying that shift.

It was announced today that in an effort to align the visions of property owners in Downtown Champaign, the new $95M project would combine forces with the universally loved vision of The Quarters on Columbia and Neil.

The Quarters, in all its glory. Look at that beautiful sumbitch.

In a move that is being praised by anyone who knows what the hell they’re talking about, city officials love the move, stating:

“The growth and sustainability of Downtown Champaign is just as much dependent upon aesthetics as it is smart urban planning. The Quarters have set the bar high, but we feel that matching our major investment in the community to their look is absolutely essential.”

So, there you have it. We’re yet to get a statement from places like Common Ground and the Blind Pig Brew House — but without question, they should get on board with this as well. I mean, look at that thing — it’s gorg. They’d be foolish not to align with this plan.

As you can see at the top of the article, the architects have provided new mock ups of the design, and more will be released soon as this plan moves forward.

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