Smile Politely

Are the Bonnies bonnie?

Before Tuesday’s practice at the Assembly Hall, the Illini seemed pretty loose. For the players, that’s not unusual. But even the coaches were relaxed. Bruce Weber handed out Tootsie Pops to staff. Jay Price sang the dreidel song. Jerrance Howard joined the team managers’ hot topic of discussion: who will be the next Illini football coach?

Wayne McClain arrived last, which is generally the case with the coach assigned to prepare the scouting report for the upcoming opponent. Here’s what he said about St. Bonaventure:

The game tips at 8 o’clock, a nice late start for hipsters. Plenty of tickets are available, either at the box office or from one of the urchins meandering nearby, who’ll probably also know where to get you some decent herbs. If you pay more than $10, you’ve been had.

That’s about as cheap as it’ll get this year. So if you want to try out an Illini game without sacrificing large coin, Wednesday’s game is a great opportunity.

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