Smile Politely

Basketball recruits present at the WMU game

Evidently there was a football game.

Luckily, Chris Willis and The McDade pay some attention to gridiron ongoings. I can focus on basketball recruiting.

Jay Price had a pair of power forwards in da house. Neither Gavin Schilling nor Nick Czarnowski has an offer yet. Perhaps Bruce Weber wants to add 16 or 17 more point guards before offering scholarships to basketball-player-sized basketball players.

There were small people sitting in the basketball team’s section. Some of them are probably recruits. They might become larger, later. The reason I don’t know their names is simple. They were so young, I didn’t want to inquire. There’s something creepy about asking a 12 year-old boy his name.

Schilling and Czarnowski are plenty big, wide as well as tall. If either was raised vegan, I’d be extremely surprised. Gavin was accompanied by his mom Lisa, a sasser. Nick came with both parents. I didn’t get a chance to meet them, but I suspect they’re sassy too.

Mike LaTulip’s mom probably takes no sass from anybody. She bristled when I told her son that Kevin Berardini is a tough motherfucker. I only noticed while editing this video:

I don’t use that word, much. In fact, I think I use that word only in reference to Kevin Berardini. Frankly, he is a tough motherfucker. You only get to see this side of him in practice.

Did Kevin just lose his chance at earning a scholarship? I don’t know. Will he ever see the court again? I don’t know that either. I think these guys will eat each other alive in practice; and I assume that’s exactly what Bruce Weber wants.

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