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C-U in style: Mike Sieko

“My favorite quote is by Alexander Wang. It goes: ‘Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it’s how people dress in their days off that are most intriguing.'” -Mike Sieko, local fashion blogger and social media fashion influencer (@kultureshawk on Instagram)

Hat: H&M
Turtle neck: H&M
Pants: Alexander McQueen
Coat: ASOS (online store)
Glasses: EarthBound (Market place mall)
Shoes: Yeezy 350 Boost

SP: Which piece of your outfit today is your favorite and why?

Sieko: My pants. They are by Alexander McQueen. I like them because the stripes are a thing of the past and almost a forgotten treasure of fashion that no one wants to display anymore. Stripes are in. It’s just no one is wearing them because not enough people are wearing them. It’s not common so to speak.

SP: When did you start developing your own personal style?

Sieko: Well I didn’t really define my sense in fashion until the end of my high school years. I also also attended Fresno City College, where I took a two year course which inspired me more in the way of learning how to cut, sew, and tailor different materials and designs.

SP: How do you feel about shopping brands?

Sieko: In my personal opinion, I don’t stick to one particular brand. I shop them all. Having a closed mind on fashion and sticking to one brand won’t allow yourself to see what else is out there. One brand may have the same style jacket, but the material isn’t the quality you are looking for at the affordable price point.

SP: What does your style say about you?

Sieko: Great question — style is being unique. The everyday plain Jane is all around us, the jeans and tees. Style is a expression of who you are without speaking. A suit says, “Hey I’m a business man.” A suit jacket, jeans, and comfortable sneakers says, “Hey I’m business casual today and doing a lot of running around in between.”

SP: Are accessories important to you? Is there a certain thing you always wear?

Sieko: Accessories are a key component to your style, give your look a little “Bling Blow” — those finishing touches. But every day I’d have to say I wear brackets, rings, and necklaces in different finishes and styles, to compliment each #ootd.

SP: And what about your hair, does that play a role in fashion?

Sieko: A good hair cut is a must. Getting a cut that compliments your face structure is ideal. Business men are more laid back nowadays — more facial hair, not so clean cut. Pomps and skin fades are trending even on the business side of the everyday man.

SP: What local C-U shopping place do you favor?

Sieko: I shop all around!! I pick up different pieces from different stores, anywhere from the The Gap, to a mall kiosk. I shop different stores for different finishing touches like a necklace or accessories, if I like it I’ll grab it. Farmers markets are sleepers too, because people think farmers market they think food, and it’s more than just that. A lot of different vendors have jewelry that are made from silverware, and one off kind of stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

Photos by Kwamé Nyerere Thomas

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