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C-U in Style: Brandon

Farah checks out some cool-weather fashions on the streets of C-U.

Brandon Satterfield, 27

Hat: Target
Rings: Antique malls in Clinton, IL; Bloomington, IL
Scarf: Antique Store
Boots: Online: Stock Martins
Coat: Grandfather’s coat
Vest: Champaign Salvation Army
Necklace: Winter Wheat in St. Joe, IL

Smile Politely: Which piece of your current outfit is your favorite?

Brandon: My rings. I’m just really into rings right now. I go antiquing a lot so I go to all these antique stores in smaller areas and get rings and jewelry and stuff. I really enjoy jewelry. I think it’s really fun and I like being scary with all my rings and necklaces!

SP: When did you begin developing your own personal style?

Brandon: I think it was after high school, because I went to a small town and everyone dressed the same and after that I was like, “Oh shit, I can be my own person and I can not wear what they’re wearing.”


















SP: What do you want your style to say about you? style to say about you?

Brandon: That I’m fun and approachable.

SP: What influences your style?

Brandon: I like black. I think it’s super simple and if you’re feeling lazy then you can just throw on something black. I have a lot of crazy necklaces and jewelry and stuff that look good across black, smooth and simple. Right now, I like fur a lot too; I have a lot of fur stuff I wear during the winter. My boyfriend and I go antiquing on the weekends, and we go to vintage clothing and jewelry expos because he does drag and he does a lot of vintage stuff.

SP: Since you like accessories so much, is there a certain thing you always wear?

Brandon: I always wear a black hat. I have a lot of different hats but they are always black, wide brimmed hats.

SP: And what about your hair, does that have a story behind it?

Brandon: No, not really. My boyfriend does hair at Kane and Company here in Champaign. His name is Alex Thompson. I chose what I wanted but he did it.

SP: What local C-U shopping place do you favor when downtown?

Brandon: Carrie’s Antiques and Jewelry in downtown Champaign. It’s a vintage clothing and jewelry store and I get a lot of my jewelry from there. They have really awesome vintage clothes, mostly women’s clothes, but that’s what I like doing; I like thrifting and finding women’s clothes that are really interesting because there’s not really a lot of men’s clothes that are fun. So I’ll get like a black vest and cut off the shoulder pads and it’ll look like a men’s shirt.

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