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Democrats vs Republicans game hits Dodds Park

There’s nothing like taking a bunch of politically active folks and dressing them up like softball players, and then putting them on a softball field under the blazing sun for 9 innings. Yes, it was quite a show. There was friendly competition, displays of great (and not so great) athleticism, and some fans to witness.

The Republicans were tough and held a lead of 8-0 for about 4 innings.

It was looking grim for the Democrats until a break through inning of big hits and fast runners. They caught up, and eventually took the lead.

The Republicans tried to rally back — but the Democrats played tough defense scored some insurance runs.

The teams had different strengths and weaknesses. The Republicans were focused and strategic. While the Democrats were daring in their base running. It could have been anyone’s game, but the Democrats held on for the win.

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