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Derby Girl Doubleheader: The ‘Paign gets their first victory of the season

On Saturday, the Twin City Derby Girls hosted their home opener with a doubleheader bout at the U of I ice arena, with the Damagin’ Dames edged by the Aurora 88s, 90–79, and the ‘Paign winning over the Boneyard Bombshells, 117–83.

The Dames kicked off their bout with an early lead, scoring 7 points with Moxie Locks as the jammer. Their lead increased to 13–2, bolstered by some hard hits by the Dames’ Tommy Knocker, before the 88s began to stage a comeback. 88s jammers Monica Lewhipsky and Jacknife Jilly cut the lead to within two points.

The Dames led through most of the first half of the bout, with Dames jammer Crafty Brewz adding points and strong defense by Cruel La La, but the 88s stayed close behind. Both teams scored in the final jam of the first half, with the Dames leading 39–37.

The second half started with several penalties on both sides, and after a three-grand slam jam and hard hits by Senorita Slam, the 88s took the lead 62–54. The Dames came back to tie the score with a Moxie Locks grand slam and Tommy Knocker and Punchwrap Supreme on the defense. The lead went back and forth several more times, until the 88s Jacknife Jilly and Ruff McGruff started to widen the gap. The Dames didn’t allow any points during the last three jams, but the 88s came out with a victory, winning 90–79.

The evening’s second bout started out with a bang, with the ‘Paign’s Delta Badhand (despite taking a couple of spills) scoring 15 points in the first jam, and the team led 28-0 after the third jam. The Bombshells closed the gap thanks to strong jamming by Houchebag and Payne Addams, as well as hits by Therafist, but the ‘Paign held a 61–38 lead at the end of the first half.

Delta Badhand also started the second half as lead jammer, scoring two grand slams despite a hit by the Bombshells’ Coffee Break-Her. Houchebag, Payne Addams, and Cheriff O. Swattinjam all were powerful jammers for the Bombshells, coming to within 12 points of the ‘Paign. However, the ‘Paign’s defense, notably Bitch E. Rich, Leigh Featherstone, and Sasha Smashmouth, kept them from gaining the lead, and ultimately won the bout, 117–83.

The hits were strong and the skaters were fast in both bouts, and the crowd stayed enthusiastic through the doubleheader. TCDG’s next home bout will be at Skateland in Savoy, when the Dames take on the Bombshells.


Photos by Laura Fitch. Used with permission.

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