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Jeff Jordan was specifically NOT the desired candidate for heroism. Jeff hit a crucial free throw in the final minute of Illinois’ victory (yes they won) over Wisconsin (repeating: Illinois won).

At 1:12 Bruce Weber pulled Jordan away from the scorer’s table, realizing he didn’t want Jordan in the game during an offensive possession.”He can’t shoot free throws!” Weber yelled at Gary Nottingham and Wayne McClain. Jordan returned to the bench.

When Jordan reached the charity stripe moments later, I couldn’t help wondering whether he’d heard that.



Here’s what the lads had to say about Friday’s 58–54 win, and Saturday’s rematch with Ohio State…

Bill Cole:

And Mike Davis:

Dominique Keller may have seemed a bit out of sorts on Friday. He seemed to shrug off advice from his coach.

You can’t blame him. His toe hurts.


Possibly more entertaining than the game itself, the media-timeout crowd participation ritual known as Kiss Cam featured an entirely different mood from the typical casual discomfort. Three couples were presented. The female half of the first couple first waved the bird and visibly yelled “fuck off!” at the cameraman. The second pair, an elderly married couple, looked at each other with mild disease, realized they hadn’t embraced since the 70s, and passed on the opportunity to rekindle.

The third guy popped out a ring and proposed marriage.

Craig Cunningham and Rachel Puenta met as 1L’s at the U of I College of Law.


In case you were confused, that’s not Evander Holyfield. But yes, somebody tried to take a bite out of Roger.


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