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Furniture Lounge Consignment Gallery Grand Opening Tomorrow

My friend Michael Mapes will be angry that I transduced his breathtaking, jaw-dropping portrait of Heather into a web page sized JPEG. Here it is.

He gets mad when I watch episodes of Poirot on YouTube, because the aspect ratio, sound, etc. are not up to the standards conceived by the cinematographer (Michael’s a cinematographer, too.) In the case of Michael’s entomological pin series, the transduction to two dimensions imposes an egregiously worse deceleration of impact on the viewer.

It still looks cool, though. And because you simply can’t get the same effect on the web, you might feel compelled to go see it in person, tomorrow from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., during the grand opening of the Furniture Lounge Consignment Gallery, on Main Street in Urbana.

Like the flagship Furniture Lounge, in downtown Champaign, the Consignment Gallery features upscale, stylish, gently worn decor. Unlike the flagship, the consignment gallery involves a profit sharing scheme.

If you have a rich uncle on the verge of death, or just on the verge of divesting himself of worldly possessions before sailing around the world, here’s your opportunity for quick profit. Take a snapshot of all his nifty furniture, and email it to Scott and Amanda (who are, full disclosure, also my friends).

They might help you sell it.

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