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Local beard products tames your wolf beard

Meet Deshawn “Wolf” Williams. He’s a transplant from Indiana that liked it here so much that he stayed. He’s now making beard oil for all you unruly bearded people out there. He also likes to sing and can count your change up really fast. Check out the interview to get some tips on beard care and see how he makes his product. Links for where to purchase at the bottom of the page. 

Smile Politely: What is your name, your business’s name and mission?

DeShawn Williams: DeShawn “Wolf” Williams. Wolf’s Mane Beard Care. Our mission is to provide an all natural beard & skin care line for the bearded gentleman.

SP: Tell us about yourself: where you are from, what brought you to Champaign, what you do for a living, what you like to do for fun?

Williams: I am originally from Michigan City, IN. I originally moved to Champaign for my job but ended up meeting my wife and we’re still here. I am the branch manager at Woodforest National Bank on n Decatur. For fun, I enjoy hanging with my family and singing.

SP: Do I really need to use a product for my beard? Why?

Williams: Yes, your beard is very similar to the hair on your head but actually encounters more stress. Cold air and direct sunlight can not only cause damage to your skin but your facial hair as well. Residue from food, drinks, and dust are all things that get trapped in your beard. So we’ve provided an all natural cleansing shampoo & conditioner as well as the oil & pomade to not only keep the beard moisturized but also keep the skin underneath soft, healthy and clean.

SP: What ingredients in beard products are good for beards? Which should I avoid?

Williams: Jojoba oil & coconut oil when it comes to beard products are always a great base to start with. What separates the good from the great is the mixture and complimentary oils added to the base. With our products, we stay clear of anything that has more than 2-3 mixtures of ingredients in itself. We are very mindful of sensitive skin being that it’s something I suffered from. Which since using our product has been non-existent.

SP: Will beard products make my beard fuller, thicker, or grow faster?

Williams: Our products will, in fact, help with fullness and thickness of your beard. People always ask me “will your product help my beard grow?” My answer is, although is will definitely assist in growth, your DNA plays the biggest role in that. But our products have definitely turned patchy beards into full grown man beards. Haha.

SP: Should you be able to see the product in my beard?

Williams: Our product leaves your beard not only feeling healthy but looking healthy. It provides a soft sheen rather than the bulky shine that some others leave. Our product keeps your beard light and flowing.

SP: What is your #1 tip for taking care of beards?

Williams: Patience…it takes time.

SP: How do you make your product?

Williams: Everything is first sterilized, each product is individually mixed, heated and cooled at my home. I hand make and package every product we have to offer. It was a year-long process to get the mix of each product you see today.

SP: Where do you buy your ingredients?

Williams: I buy all of our ingredients from an all natural and organic store online. I am however looking for a vendor in the C-U.

SP: How do you recommend using your product?

Williams: I recommend incorporating the oil into your daily regimen immediately after you shower. I wash my beard 3-4 times a week. For thicker longer beards I suggest using the pomade on days you wash your beard. The butter is also a daily use to help ensure the softness throughout the day.

SP: Where can I buy your products?

Williams: Our primary location to purchase is we have direct links on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We are also on the shelves at Champaign Beauty Supply.

All photos by EddieScott Photo. See more of his work here. 

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