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SP Radio Podcast: A haunting local film

Two years in the making, local film House of Thaddeus is on the home stretch towards its premiere at The Art Theater on Sunday, August 18th. And just in time, the film’s stars, William Kephart and Joi Hoffsommer, stopped in the studio to tell us all about this hyper-local movie project. 

[[mp3 sp_radio_podcast_-_house_of_thaddeus]]

Filmed at a 100-year old house in Danville, House of Thaddeus is a take on the haunted house story, but without falling into the traps that the genre might suggest. William and Joi walk us through some of the ways that the film steps away from the standard format of haunted house films (without spoilers, of course), what it’s like to make a feature-length film right here in central Illinois, and the technical barriers that have fallen out of the way in recent years (making this sort of project possible). We also get to learn more about the differences between theater acting and film, and how those differences are a good thing for the actors.

House of Thaddeus is directed by Mike Boedicker, who also directed 2010’s Revolting. The movie premieres August 18th at The Art Theater, and you can find more details on the Facebook event page.

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