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SP Radio Podcast: Chickens coming home to roost in Champaign?

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On this week’s edition of Smile Politely Radio we’re talking about the recent vote to change Champaign regulations and remove an existing restriction on raising chickens in the Champaign city limits. (City staff will have to draft changes and amendments to the code before it is officially legal.)

Karen Carney, one of the leaders of the grassroots movement to remove the ban, and Debbie Campbell, who spoke at the recent council meeting to dispel some of the myths around raising chickens in residential areas, both spent some time with us in the studio to fill us in on this particular issue and how the change came to be voted on. They provided some information about possible reasons why the restriction was put in place and how that restriction differs from the way that Urbana addresses backyard chickens. They also spoke about the grassroots movement to change the rule and allow chickens to be raised in Champaign, the practical implications of raising chickens of your own, and questions such as care and feeding.

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