Smile Politely

The Mike Davis Mechanism

Mike Davis was all alone at the Ubben & Corzine.

None of the newspaper guys came for the media availability on Monday. They weren’t conspicuous for their absence. Few players were there when I arrived. Even the coaches and managers were still filing in.

I decided to record Mike’s solo workout on my toy camera, just to see if I could catch him miss a shot.

It didn’t work.

He even hit a free throw at the end. I thought I’d better stop recording at that point.

Mike sat down afterward to talk about his regimen, and Iowa Loathing.

When the rest of the team showed up, I already knew what questions to ask. I’d queried the Scout message board to determine the pressing questions among Illini fans surfing the ‘net between 11:38 and 11:47 on a Monday morning.

Thus, Brandon Paul talks about his ankle. Bill Cole talks offense, specifically how the team triggers its sets and/or straight motion.

The radio and television guys were all on hand by the time Meyers Leonard arrived, modeling his latest incomparable haberdashery.

They didn’t bat an eye.

Smirks refrained from crossing countenances. Microphones and cameras leaned idly against the hallway walls.

What do you say to a seven-foot athletic freak wearing a powder-puff hat?


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