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Top 10 Halloween costumes in C-U

Welcome to my little shop of horrors! Check out the 10 best Halloween costumes of 2016 in and around Downtown Champaign. Congratulations to the winners and Happy Halloween to the rest.

#10 “A Basket of Adorables”

These two made the list due to the elaborate nature of their costume. They walked me through understanding their costume. I’ll give you a hint: thier hats say “Make America Adorable Again.”

#9 Frida

Frida made the list for two reasons. First, what an awesome character to dress up as, yes, let’s see some more female artists being recognized. And second, because when I said “do something Frida would do” and without thinking she struck this pose perfectly complimenting her outfit and truly becoming one with the character. 

#8 An Actual Nurse

This may be surprising to some and not to others but this is an actual nurse that just got off of a shift. Contrary to popular belief nurses are more like zombies after a shift and less like adult film actors. Next time you see a nurse buy him or her a coffee or beer, they desereve it!

#7 Tigress

You’ve got to show love to this person for two reasons. First, she’s slinging drinks at Barrelhouse 34, a undoubtably challenging bar to tend, and she had heart enough to dress up for our drunk asses. We salute you! Also, the face paint is seriously on point. 

#6 Lesser Known Pokemon

I really appreciated this group throwing in some more pokemon than just Pikachu. Props. 

#5 Alice in Champaign-Land

The photo speaks for itself. They had makeup, costume, props. This group really had it all. Thanks for taking us down that rabbit hole. 

#4 Tobias Funke “I think I just blue myself”

Another great bar tender doing his thing and make a big impact in his service by putting on one of the most striking costumes of the night. I asked him if he thought it was going to be hard to wash it off in the shower, he said what is more difficult is showering while wearing cut off jeans. 

#3 DJ Jesus

DJ Jesus comes in at number 3 for his heavenly tunes and his forgiveness for all of my very, very bad dance moves. Praise DJ Jesus!

#2 Brass Rail Regulars

Zombies? Nah, just Brass Rail regulars heading to their usual friday night watering hole to grab a Ham’s, Fireball and a Butche’s Pizza. And you thought campus bars were bad…

#1 Mr. Eggwards gets stoned

Mr. Eggwards is proportedly a classy dude that hangs outside of Esquire likely sipping cocktails. But it appears that this weekend he was given a puff of a marijuana cigarette. I love public art. But what I love even more is when the public is able to interact with public art in a non destructive, creative and playful manner. 

See more great costumes in the gallery below

[gallery halloween_costumes_2016]

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