What a day. As if Illinois basketball (and athletics as a whole) wasn't enough of a clusterfuck (4 players arrested in the past year, 3 in one month), Josh Whitman announced in a press conference late tonight that John Groce has been let go as Illini basketball coach.

We can't say we're surprised, as Groce's tenure has been marred by underwhelming records (77-61), consistently missing out on big name recruits and a state of fandom where missing the NCAA Tournament is the new normal.

This does come, however, a few short weeks after Whitman officially went on record as backing John Groce, but that was also before the most recent arrests. The recent legal troubles must have changed Athletic Director Josh Whitman's mind, however, as he addressed the media in a release early this morning:

After four seasons, The University of Illinois has decided to part ways with John Groce as the coach of the basketball program. I want to thank John for all of his hard work and dedication to the Illini, and wish him luck wherever he chooses to go.

Additionally, to all the fans who doubt this decision and think that the future of Illini athletics looks uncertain or bleak, please realize that it couldn't have gotten much worse than it was. Truly. It couldn't have.

Remember what I did with Lovie? That shit was awesome. Just watch. I'm gonna fix this whole thing.


Multiple sources are telling us that AD Whitman has tapped, and we can't make this up, former Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau to coach the Fighting Illini for the next seven years. When asked about his new job in an interview conducted a short while ago over the phone, Thibs said:

I love the corn. It's just so calming. You can just look at it for miles and forget all about Derrick Rose.

Josh Whitman did not mince words in a press release sent out moments ago that simply reads:

Told you so. We're going undefeated next year. In every sport.