Smile Politely

Week Fourteen: On the road again

So, after many discussions about the prospect of going on tour with my friends, Nic and Heather (of You and Yourn) I have finally assumed my title of Director of Nomadic Operations and hit the road with them. Why? I have gypsy blood and crave the vagabond lifestyle. This is also a test run; in the near future, they might be requiring some extra assistance on their tours.

After the spring training debacle, I wanted to make sure that I practiced yoga on the trip so that I stayed relatively limber and didn’t lose momentum while I was out of town. I asked Nic to hold me accountable, and he wasted no time in getting on my case about it.

Last night, after driving for about 13 hours, I decided to take the day off and got a pretty big guilt trip. This morning, within minutes of waking up I heard Nic say to me from across the room, “is it yoga time?”

Yes, It’s yoga time. I did it, and I totally felt better for the rest of the day. More thoughts on yoga on the road next week…



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