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Week Twenty: The prodigal daughter returns!

When sharing my journey of The Yoga Experiment, I had to have known that there would be a time where I wasn’t going to be one hundred percent excited about it. But everyone has those things that they continue to do, to make sacrifices for, no matter what the challenge, just because they believe in them.

My husband, Joel, rides his bike to work and around town through the rain and snow. My friend, Lisa, volunteers for the rape crisis hotline, even though it means that she needs to stay home to sit by the phone during prime weekend night opportunities. My grandma collects cans from her neighbors to donate to the Shriners’ Children’s Hospitals. My friend, Lena, runs every day, and tries to eat local as much as she can.

I hope to eventually get to this point with my yoga practice, and after months of on-again-off-again, and lukewarm feelings about the endeavor, the bug has bitten me again, and I am euphoric. Tuesday morning, I returned to yoga after skipping classes for nearly two weeks. It was wonderful. You know how it is when you’re really avoiding doing something for a long time, and the longer you are away from it, the harder it is to start back up; then you finally make yourself do it, and then afterward, you think to yourself “oh, that wasn’t so bad, it was actually really great! Why did it take me so long?” Well, it was kind of like that. Now, after three days, I’m beginning to get back into the groove. My body forgives me. My ribs loosen so that I can breathe deeper, my ankles are starting to inch back down to the mat during downward dog. My cheeks are getting some color back; I feel pure. O yoga, I shall never forsake thee again!

In the coming weeks, I hope to offer some more variety here. You’ve heard lots from me and my opinions on yoga, I hope to profile other local yoginis so that I can ask them why they keep coming back to the mat. I will also feature some reviews of movies, music, and books that have meant something to me in these first crucial months. And of course, I will continue to give updates as to my progress. Thanks for sticking with me.


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