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What’s in your bag, C-U? Bartender edition: Ian Willette

  • 27 years old
  • Assistant General Manager, Watson’s Shack & Rail
  • Townie, recently married, son of yoga instructors
  • Last song listened to: “I’m a Thug,” by Trick Daddy
  • Signature drink: ‘Sculpin’ the Night Away (Sculpin grapefruit IPA, Cos Amigos Blanco, fresh grapefruit juice and agave
  • What he drinks: Cos Amingo on the rocks
  • What makes a good bar: Music, drinks, customers
  • What makes a bar bad: nothing

  1. Loose cash: “I always keep cash on me.”
  2. Manager’s card: “To get into the register at Watson’s”

3. Pen: “Always Handy.”

4. Piedmont Leather wallet: “It’s snake’s skin on the inside, shark’s skin on the outside.”

5. Keys to kegs

6. Watch: “It was a birthday present from my parents. I wear it every day.”

7. Memo pad: “It’s for orders, to-do’s, prices, ideas.”

8. iPhone 6+: “My background is my puppy, Eddy. The last song I listened to was “I’m a Thug” by Trick Daddy. I am a Verizon man.”

9. Tie clip: “I wear it every day but Sunday. You’ve got to have a day to relax.”

10. Wedding ring: “I got married in October of 2014 to Elly Radi. One of the most special days of my life. The ring is my father’s grandfather’s ring. It’s special to me.”

11. Lighter: “for birthdays at Watson’s.”

12. #47: “Always 47. It’s an odd number… and it adds up to 11… and it’s a double down in black jack. Always 47.”

13. Ticket: “I bought a ticket to win a big screen TV at Guido’s if my bracket wins.”

Catch Ian at Watson’s Shack and Rail most days at weekends from lunch time on. Ask him to make you a ‘Sculpin’ or Cosamingo. You won’t regret it. Here are the hours for Watson’s. 

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