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Oh, Honey Pie is a newcomer to the food truck scene. Largely specializing in pies of various types, I prepared myself for a large dose of sugar. Thankfully, Oh, Honey Pie sells 4” mini pies for $6, saving me from a sugar overload. I went with one of each of their selection they had available on the day I found them: Key Lime, Salted Honey, Blueberry Peach Cream, and Strawberry Rhubarb.

Intrigued by the idea, I started with the Salted Honey Mini Pie. I’ve had honey many different ways, but not as the main ingredient in a pie and definitely not with a significant amount of salt. Lured in by the strong scent of caramelized sugar and the beautiful, golden brown surface, I took a bite. Immediately, my mouth was awash in the amazing sweetness of the honey and the light, flaky crust. Just as the taste of honey started to settle down, I enjoyed a subtle salty aftertaste. Usually someone who finds the taste of honey better in theory than in practice, I enjoyed this pie more than I expected. Roughly the consistency of a custard and not overly sweet, the Salted Honey Pie hit the spot for me.

salted honey 

Coming off my honey high, I decided to try something radically different and switched to the Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pie. Greeted by a refreshing smell of strawberry, I took a sizeable bite out of the pie, since it seemed a bit less filled than the others. Thankfully, the crust was just as delightfully flaky as the Salted Honey Mini Pie. Although the strawberries and rhubarb were a bit sparse, what was there contained just a hint of rhubarb bitterness with plenty of strawberry sweetness. I appreciated the balance, but I want more pie filling for this type of pie in the future.

strawberry rhubarb

Next up, a traditional Key Lime Mini Pie. As is true of Key Lime pie made with actual lime juice and no added coloring, this pie was light yellow in color. Worried about the potential for an overwhelming lime flavor, I took a bite anyway, making sure to include the wonderfully crumbly and sweet graham cracker crust. Thankfully, the tart lime taste was not as strong as I feared, although the lime aftertaste was stronger than I anticipated. As it turned out, the sweet crust proved a perfect compliment to the tartness of the lime. A wonderful pie overall, although not one I could eat in large quantities.

key lime

Finally, I ended my pie eating extravaganza with a Blueberry Peach Cream Mini Pie, the pie that I was the most unsure about, as I typically do not eat cream-based pies. Lifting the pie, I immediately noticed the sheer weight of the thing. It may have been four inches in diameter, but the cream, blueberries and peaches compensated for the small size. A bit nervous from the strong smell of the cream, I took my first bite, and thankfully was pleasantly surprised. As it turned out, the cream was less strong than the smell suggested, and the peaches and blueberries provided a reassuring sweetness. Furthermore, I was taken aback by how wonderful the crumble pieces tasted. Wonderfully buttery, the crumble provided a burst of richness that mixed much better with the cream and sweet fruits than I anticipated. As with the Strawberry Rhubarb and Salted Honey Mini Pies, the Blueberry Peach Cream Mini Pie shared the great tasting crust. This pie definitely surpassed my expectations the most compared to the others I sampled.

blueberry peach

Happy and full of pie, I enjoyed my trek to try out Oh, Honey Pie. For one-person, mini pies are a great way to sample a variety of the flavors on offer. For those who want more pies than are on offer when the truck is out and about, Oh, Honey Pie does take orders through their website. These orders also include the more traditional pie size of 9”. As for me, I have my eye on a full-sized Banana Cream Pie. Don’t forget to follow Oh, Honey Pie on Facebook to see where they will be next. 

Oh, Honey Pie
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Photos by Matt Macomber

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