Smile Politely

Pleading For a French Fry Stand in C-U

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to own and operate my own restaurant.

Of course, I do in a fantasy land — within the confines of my own kitchen. But I also, however, have always had a sincere and true desire to offer up some of my favorite dishes to the community at my own joint; a place where my special recipes of matzo ball soup and meatballs mix together on one fantastic menu.

In truth, I just don’t have the time right now. Plus, any one who wants to open a restaurant probably needs to get their head examined; one in five upstarts close and lose money within the first two years of existence.

I am involved in other projects, and other realities are taking precedence for me, such as Smile Politely. So, instead, I’ve decided to dedicate a particular column to pleading — no — beseeching someone in the community with the financial and mental capacity to open up and sustain a few different restaurants that I would most certainly frequent.

This week — A stand alone French Fry shop, modeled after the one we visited in Amsterdam this past week.

Picture this:

Nothing more than a shack. French fries — a few different kinds: julienne, steak, sweet potato etc. Different toppings like ketchup, spicy mustards, mayonnaise, barbecue, and of course, vinegars of all kinds. Inside, a plethora of uncooked, freshly cut fries are displayed. Customers walk up and have the option of small, medium and large. Cheap, relatively speaking. $2 – $3 – $4. Somewhere on Green St. between 4th and Wright.

That’s it.

So, please?

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