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Smile Politely’s C-U Food + Drink Tournament: Final Four

Last week, we kicked off our inaugural C-U Food + Drink Tournament. We received hundreds of votes for the round of 32 matchups, the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and now we’re on to the Final Four. Thank you to all who have cast votes in each round as we march towards crowning the Champion in this tournament.

As we made mention previously, we have made our own bracket, for our own tournament. The Editorial Board met and discussed and polled our friends and family for a list of the current food and drink items that are special to C-U. It’s more than the most popular item, or our favorite items at local bars and restaurants; we put together a list of 32 items that quintessentially embody the uniqueness of C-U’s offerings at this moment. For the most part, these 32 things are “the thing” to order from their respective establishments, or “the thing” that more or less defines that establishment. They are each legendary in their own right. They are C-U’s staples of food and drink.

This is not an exhaustive list of every awesome item on the menu at your favorite restaurant, or the “best” drinks at your favorite bar. It’s quirky and fun, meant to amuse and frustrate.

Vote below for the Final Four matchups, which will require you to enter your email address; this is to ensure one person, one vote. We’re not here for rigged elections and Russian interference. Unless you decide to sign up for our weekly newsletter, we will neither contact you nor share your contact information.

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