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And You Don’t Stop: Kosmo Returns To The Decks Tonight at Boltini

John Kosmopoulos knows what it means to keep doing what you love. And despite the fact that he is older than you might expect, you’d never guess it from his boyish good looks and endless charm. Plus, he can still throw as good of a party as anyone in this town. Not bad for someone who can remember Nixon in office.

Tonight, the man who arguably revived nightlife in downtown Champaign will make Boltini look like a weekend when he steps up for his first solo appearance in over five years. In that time, he has made a habit of taking some of the more “boring” holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving and turning them into the most packed-out live nights of the year. The “Hit it Run” series has become synonymous with some of the best parties you can find, always free and always showcasing as many as five or more DJs. The name is a reference to none other than hip hop pioneers Run DMC — a name that has become synonymous with old school parties; nothing pretentious about it — only a good time for all who choose to come inside.

So stop by Boltini tonight if you feel like catching a rare one-off from one of Champaign’s most revered masters of the Wheels of Steel.

The show is free, there are half-priced appetizers from 4–10 p.m. and the drink specials abound. After all, it’s a Monday night and we still live in Champaign. Praise!

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