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DJ Mingram Lights It Up At ‘The Final Countdown’ Mondays at The Highdive

Evidently, Monday nights are alive in downtown Champaign, and you can thank the perseverance of local buzz columnist and musician/booking agent/promoter/kickball fiend/torrent master Mike Ingram. What was once a shot in the dark — an attempt to move the music action once centrally located at Cowboy Monkey over to The Highdive — has been paying off as of late; crowds of 150+ have been regularly packing it in to watch the cleverly named DJ Mingram spin the best of the best from the 1980s alongside videos and a small lightshow.

Reports of Pat Benetars, Michael Jacksons and Eddie Van Halens showing up are increasing by the week. There is no cover and cocaine, while still illegal, is bound to be snorted by someone at some point during the night. And if not, chances are, you can find a dork with a Rubix Cube somewhere.

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