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Emotional cascade: Euriah, Looming, and Withershins at Canopy

There’s nothing quite like finding music that resonates deep in your soul. Something that goes deeper than the radio hits and one-shot wonders we hear everywhere from our car radio to background music at the bar. Sometimes you listen to music and your brain feels like it’s exploding because you just feel it. If you’re anything like me this was your emotional baseline at the Canopy Club’s show last Thursday as Withershins, Looming, and Euriah took the stage.

With a Facebook event description of “Sad music for sad people” these kinds of shows are a special treat for people who thrive off an emotional connection to music. For other people it may be a little off-putting (it certainly was confusing to the fraternity/sorority mixer going on in the larger room next door), yet the small room at the front of the Canopy was packed with people enjoying the show.

“This place is packed!” remarked someone I just made up. “I don’t know that I could be happier right now” went my inner monologue. “Was good” Isaac Arms wrote on Facebook after the show. While a photo review may not do justice to any of these bands, we look back fondly on the memories. Enjoy!




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