Smile Politely

Headlights Post New Song, Flip Fans the Bird

Local darlings Headlights, anticipating the Feb. 19 release of their second LP, Some Racing, Some Stopping, have posted the new single “Cherry Tulips” on their MySpace page. The song is charming and fresh, featuring the group’s impossibly hopeful trademark sound, an ethereal chorus (“I want the sea/I want the whole sea, for you and me”) led by lead singer and keyboardist Erin Fein*, and I’ll be damned if that slide guitar doesn’t sound like a singing saw wailing during the outro (drummer Brett Sanderson reports that a saw does appear in the album’s title track).

As if that isn’t charming enough, the group also posted a promo spot for the upcoming album, shot during their recent music video shoot — I’ve never wanted to thank anyone for flipping me the bird before now.

*My favorite Fein.

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