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Jane Boxall Collaborates Tonight at Cowboy Monkey

Do yourself a favor and head out to the Cowboy Monkey and catch some of the brightest and most talented original songwriters in the land. Ryan Groff headlines this “early” show that is sure to knock socks off and make heads spin. The best part: collaborations. That’s the word on the street anyhow. Generally, when you think collaboration, the idea of singers and songwriters joining each other on stage can make one cringe; most songs generally don’t need anyone else to make it any better or worse than they already are.

But in this particular case, you should get excited.

Jane Boxall is the collaborator, and if you know that name, you know that she’ll be lugging a full sized marimba into the joint and will be ready to throw down with some of the most beautiful and haunting tunes that both Ryan Groff and opener Lynn O’Brien have to offer.

The show is a stupidly cheap $5 and because it’s early in the week, the fine promoter done us adults a solid and made it at a reasonable 8:00pm start time. We’ll be there. (UPDATE: We were not there due to extenuating circumstances.)

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