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Lifehouse ‘Worth the Wait’ Last Night

When the line for Lifehouse wrapped around the Canopy Club to the School of Music building on Nevada entered the venue, they fully packed the main floor and filled every seat in the balcony. Every fan dripping with anticipation for the ensuing performance.

And they got exactly what they were looking for when the band took the stage Thursday night.

The evening was an incredibly pure splash into the world of rock music. There was no frill to the concert; with simple lighting and minimum effects, the result was a refreshing taste of real, good noise.

Frontman and guitar-player Jason Wade put on an amazing performance filled with guitar solos, minimal commentary and perfectly synchronized jumps and chord strikes. What came of it was a floor filled with waving cellphones, headbanging and girls wishing they were Wade’s mic.

Although the band was initially scheduled to perform in June, Wade appologized to the fans and explained it was due to his wisdom teeth that were recently hacked with insufficient novacaine, resulting in a great deal of pain. He explianed that we was on the prescription painkiller Vicodin, as well..

The energy of the show continued to climb as they peaked with three hit songs “Whatever it Takes,” “You and Me” and “First Time,” all of which had the crowd jumping and singing along.

When they left the stage, the audience, still hungry for more, demanded an encore with relentless applause. Because the show already included most of their hit singles, the encore was a bit of a downfall in comparison to the buildup ending the show, however.

Encore aside, the raw talent of the band was enough to keep the crowd on their feet and soaking up every note that rolled off the stage.

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