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Neoga Blacksmith Tonight

The town of Neoga, Ill sits just south of Lake Mattoon on I-57. Anyone who has been to the man made lake that dominates the culture around those parts has a good understanding of Neoga’s importance when spending a weekend fishing, boating or just generally kicking around: they have the only grocery store for miles and miles.

Neoga Blacksmith, the newest band making waves in the downtown Champaign scene, will go through one of the most important rites of passage tonight when they hit the WEFT studios at 10:00pm for WEFT Sessions, one of the longest running music series in Champaign. We aren’t totally sure if one of the members is actually a blacksmith from Neoga or knows a blacksmith living in Neoga or any combination of the two. We don’t really care. We are falling in love with their Old West inspired country punk pop tunes.

A little known factoid, these performances are free and open to the public. Todd Hunter hosts, so grab a sixer of the High Life and head down to the WEFT Studios 113 N. Market St. N Market St, Champaign, IL 61820, USA, just next to Mike n’ Molly’s.

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