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On the road with Resinater, part two

Editor’s Note: In Tour Diaries, local bands write to report back from wherever their tours take them, for better or for worse.

In case you missed it, check out part one.

March 22nd

Woke up on the floor covered by cans and Canadians. We packed up and said our goodbye as our host was being driven to the airport to get her flight home. Then we proceeded to get breakfast tacos along with our other host. Now we were still in Austin with no plans about the day aside from nursing a hangover and gluing my boots back together.

After that Sam and myself went to Darwin’s Pub to meet up with Curtis. It was now 10:30 in the morning. After a few Curtis finally decided that it was time to get tattoos. He would not let us leave Austin unless we got one. So of course we get the same tattoo Rico gets in “Starship Troopers.” Now we are good and liquored up so the rest of the day meant walking around going to shows. The highlight was seeing Dallas, Texas natives Mothership. God fucking damn can that band play. After that we went to Hotel Vegas (which regardless of the name was only a bar) and wandered around there until we had to find a place to sleep. After finding a hotel with the aid of Curtis’ military discount I went to sleep but the rest of Resinater hit the town and went into any bar they could get into. That bar ended up being a leather-clad vampire bar that had a sign that was written in Mandarin. From what I was told it looked like a scene out of “Blade 2.” “We were waiting for blood to come out of the fire extinguishers,” Curtis would describe. After about three shots these assholes high tail it out of there and head back to the hotel because for some god damn reason they thought there were three jacuzzis in this hotel and they were open alllll niiiight looong. After kicking open the hotel door at 2 a.m. and jumping on me to wake me up they proceed to make the heart breaking call to the front desk to make sure the jacuzzis were open. They closed at 10 p.m. Good night guys.

March 23rd

Did you know that breakfast isn’t always included in a hotel? Me neither. So after we went down and ordered coffee Sam and Curt went back upstairs as I scoped out this wedding reception to see I could nab some cake. It wasn’t cut yet so I hung my head and started walking around the geological engineering conference that was being held down there. I found the coffee station and filled up then left to get my duffel bag from upstairs before we hit the road. About 45 minutes out of town I get some fucking dank tacos on the way to Fort Worth. This is the part I want to congratulate Curtis on his first record purchase of White Snake’s “Love Hunter” at Doc’s Records. Now, since this ain’t our first rodeo we show up to the venue an hour earlier of the door time for load in. We roll up at 6 p.m., doors at 7 p.m., no one else shows up till 8 p.m., first band then start playing at 8:30. Now from 6-8 we hung out with our new friends Crazy Bag Lady were we learn that the only proper way to drink a beer is by shut gunning them. God bless America.

The first band is Fort Worth’s very own, Pee Pee Boys. Jesus fucking Christ do I love The Pee Pee Boys. They had been a band for three days and this was their second set. Only playing in their boxers and denim vests I can’t even count how many times their ball sacks popped out. It’s at this moment I realize I have seen too many dicks in my life. Now it’s our turn to play. We set up and do the resin set a little faster than usual because why the fuck not? After us Crazy Bag Lady plays and while I thought they were great, The Pee Pee Boys thought they were amazing. So amazing they proceed to rip off all their clothes and start running around like meth heads. Cartwheels, prances, snow angels and piggy back rides all while their dicks are just flappin’ around like it was nobody’s business. They did all that while they had a jug of lightly yellow-tinted fluid they were pouring on themselves. God bless you, Pee Pee Boys, you represent a freedom that most people will never obtain. I envy them slightly. After the show, we and Crazy Bag Lady split a hotel with one bed in it. Modelo goes down extra smooth after a day like that.

March 23rd and 24th

Waking up to the news that tonight’s show was canceled due to shitty goddamn fucking asshole neighbors threatening to call the police. With no other plans we head to Rogers, AR to meet up with Guthrie, The Bearded Saint of Touring. This angel delivered cash, grass and a place to crash. After many, many, many beers, too much white lightning brewed fresh that week and a shit ton of Mario Kart, we all called it a night. Woke up, had breakfast, got coffee, bought some pellet guns and repeated the prior day. Fell asleep to Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories. After four straight night of debauchery it was quite nice to have a little rest. Now onto Memphis.

Resinater had nothing to say about their tape release show with The Fights and The Maness Brothers at Mike N Molly’s last Friday, March 28th, except that it was “fuckin’ bitchin.” Below are photos from that show.

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Photos courtesy of Tom Chandler.

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