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Prepare yourself for Cherub

Cherub is an electro-pop duo who really loves to show the audience an entertaining time. With their upbeat sound and high levels of energy you’re bound to be dancing the whole show. Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber are the men behind the music and they got their start while attending college at MTSU right outside of Nashville.

It’s awfully surprising that these two don’t have any formal musical background, and they still manage to pull of a really great sound. Kelley has had some guitar lessons and just not taking vocal lessons to help save his voice for years more of singing. Huber’s best teacher has always been the radio.

When seeking where their inspiration came for writing their songs, Kelley described it as finding inspiration everywhere, “life experiences and other music. Anything really at the end of the day can be used for inspiration for our music; we pull from all sorts of places.” He finds musical inspiration in everything from Pantera to Aaliyah; Ween to DJ Screw, while Jason looks to Billy Joel and Dave Grohl.

Since we’re gearing up for the show tonight, I had to ask what their pre-show ritual was. To prepare for a show, Huber likes to “take a nap and let Jordan just do his thing… it really helps mentally prepare me and my mustache for what we are about to do,” while Kelley likes to help Huber fine-tune his mustache. The dynamic duo really has a strong bond — especially over facial hair.

At tonight’s show, you can expect a lot of energy, upbeat music, and a fun time; they guys want everyone in the audience to have just as much fun as they have doing what they love:

Huber: If you’ve seen a Cherub show before… you haven’t seen this one. This is our first extensive headlining tour, so we pulled out all of the stops for this one… new set lists, new mercy, new production. We are stoked to be playing new songs from Antipasto and unreleased songs from our upcoming album. Between Carousel and ProbCause we could not have asked for better bands to be bringing on tour with us as well… we are fans of both.

This dynamic duo definitely loves performing and brings insane energy to the stage. They love to get the crowd involved and pumped up but have also had to endure some very strange things while performing. After asking them the most outrageous thing that has ever happened at one of their shows, I got some good responses:

Kelley: So many things. I always find that getting handed random drugs onstage is always entertaining. Also this isn’t that outrageous but kind of a pet peeve. I really dislike when people in the front row try to talk to you while you’re performing. I don’t understand how they think I can answer their questions and sing at the same time.

So, ladies: If you’re trying to ask Jordan a question, at least them him finish the song first.

Huber: I would like to say one of the more ridiculous things that has happened on stage was the girl at Tulane running on stage and taking a selfie with me while I was singing, but some of the things I have seen the front row do to Jordan’s talk box tube are unfit for public discussion. That’s just gross… we have to travel with that thing!

Everyone is encouraged to have a fun time but just make sure its appropriate fun; I can only imagine the unspeakable things done to their box tube.

There is usually a go-to song that artists love to play but these guys like to mix it up with covers and songs that don’t always get played:

Kelley: I honestly enjoy when Jason takes over the vocals and sings the Calvin Harris track. It gives me a second to catch a breath and also lets me get a chance to actually look at the crowd and see the expressions on their face.

I can only imagine the feeling of performing your music live and having an awesome time but also being able to look out at the crowd and see them enjoying what you’ve created and feeding off your energy to have a great time with you.

Huber: My favorite thing to do is to bug Jordan about playing songs that haven’t regularly been in recent set lists. We like to feel comfortable and well-rehearsed on stage, but it’s fun for us to mix things up every once and a while.

On a different note outside of music, I asked the guys what they eat while on the road and their favorite drink:

Kelley: I try not to eat fast food. We’ve learned tricks on the road to get around it. I definitely like drinking. I think drinking is fun. I will definitely drink whiskey on the road. Whiskey with whiskey.

Huber: Burritos! And whiskey because champagne feels almost to cliché to say out loud.

I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but burritos and whiskey sound like the perfect diet to me; you can’t go wrong with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a burrito in the other. And throwing a glass of champagne in there every now and then wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Now onto the most serious question I asked: boxers or briefs?

Kelley: Briefs all the way.

Huber: Hanes comfort soft boxer briefs size small… I always appreciate some good freshies on tour! [wink wink, nudge nudge]

So if you’re looking to get on Huber’s good side and maybe score a few extra songs at the show on Thursday you know what to do.

They guys have high hopes for the future of Cherub as they should. They have a headlining tour this spring and have the passion to keep doing whatever they have to do to make sure they continue to make music:

Kelley: I hope to just keep staying inspired. Lots of chicken heads out here trying to drink the river dry, you got to know when the heat is coming around the corner and how to feel it.

Huber: We are stoked to be going out on a headlining tour this Spring called the BLOW’d tour, and looking forward to a full summer schedule of festivals in the US and Europe, including SXSW, Bonnaroo, and many more. The new live show Jordan and I will be performing is only step one in the full vision of what we have for our live show, and we are super excited for everyone to see what we have been working on.

Not only are they going out on a headlining tour, but they also have a new album coming out with Columbia Records:

Kelley: We have a brand new full length coming out this year. It’s something we are really excited about because we took a whole different approach to the writing and producing on this album. It also is our debut LP on Columbia Records which is extremely exciting for us.

Huber: This is the first time we have been able to spend enough time in the studio, writing and recording, to collect more songs than we will be able to fit on one album. We still love those songs, so we may have to release some bonus b-sides at some point.

If you’re up for a great time be sure to check out their concert this tonight at the Canopy Club. Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

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