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Southerly at Mike ‘N Molly’s Tonight

Sometimes, the only choice is the best choice.

For Krist Krueger of Southerly, living in Fon-Du-Lac, Wis was a dead end trying to both perform and work within the national indie rock scene. So, instead of whining about it, he left for one of the hottest and most relevant of them all: Portland, Ore.

Krueger is something of an anomaly amongst both touring bands and booking agents: he’s both. Generally speaking, the two don’t mix well, and end up causing too many headaches to deal with. But the determined Krueger pushes on daily, both with his band, and with his respectable, Crow Agency, which has been involved in booking tours for countless artists, as well as Kill Rock Stars “The Sound the Hare Heard” tours.

You can catch him perform solo tonight at Mike ‘N Molly’s with half of the New Ruins songwriting team, Elzie Sexton. The bill rounds out with whom I consider to be the finest new band to debut locally this year, The Number One Sons.

Cover is a paltry five chips and the show is slated to start at 8 p.m.

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